Direct tracking, reporting and remote control from any cellphone

ICCP Rectifier Monitoring & Control InstallationCathodic Protection Monitoring

  • ICCP rectifier monitoring and control
  • Critical bond monitoring
  • Metering station monitoring
  • Close interval survey interrupter built-in with GPS synchronization
  • Long Term Battery (LTD), Solar and Wind powered options

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Remote Pump Monitoring

  • Chemical injector pump remote controllers
  • Stroke pump controllers
  • Up to 4 pumps can be monitored for stroke-count or RPM
  • Derivative RPM, for rate and volumes available
  • Alerts can be triggered on events or levels

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Remote Tank Level Monitoring

  • Monitor TANK levels for up to FOUR (4) tanksLiquid Storage Tank Farm 23
  • Tanks from 2ft to 27 ft tall
  • Automatically computes volume from Diameter, Height, orientation and S.G
  • Uses 316 chemical grade static pressure transducers
  • Sends scheduled and on-demand reports
  • Sends alarms when tank is empty, at REFILL mark and when full

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Temperature Monitoring & ControlTemperature Monitoring

  • Up to FOUR probes on separate cables
  • User-set alarm levels
  • SMS or email alerts on a schedule, by poll or exception
  • Conditional command execution on exception
  • GPS tracking

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ICCP Monitoring & Control Unit and Solar PanelCustomized Applications

  • High power micro-controllers
  • GSM gateway and GPS on one board
  • External powered or up to 15 year battery support
  • Solar and wind power options
  • Tachometry, telemetry, temperature, voltage, digital I/O
  • SMS direct to any cellphone
  • FLEET management software

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All above features, commands and functions are available for custom applications using our smart GSM gateways. Contact our specialists to discuss your needs.